Hollywood Motion Picture Experience is a production company built on the same principles that made Hollywood the world’s center for entertainment...

Company History

Hollywood Motion Picture Experience is a high-end production company with facilities in California and Nevada.

HMPE uses the latest cameras and high-end production equipment along with a team of highly skilled and talented people to deliver the best possible end result.

Moving Forward

Hollywood Motion Picture Experience is dedicated to reviving the old “Hollywood System”, utilizing modern technology and new production and distribution methods. 

We will never forget the legacy of both of our Founders.


carrie fisher  founder

Best known for portraying Princess Leia in the Star Wars saga and her infamous self-deprecating humor, Carrie went on to become a bestselling author of Postcards from The Edge and Wishful Drinking.

Her memoir, The Princess Diarist, was released in November 2016. The book is based on diaries she kept while filming the original Star Wars trilogy in the late 1970s and early 1980s. Carrie appeared in the 2015 Star Wars sequel 'The Force Awakens'.


Debbie Reynolds - Founder

debbie reynolds  founder

'America’s Sweetheart,' star of 'Singin' in The Rain,' best-selling author and an Academy Award nominee for her leading role in 'The Unsinkable Molly Brown.' Debbie’s career spans more than 60 years, not to mention her vast collection of Hollywood memorabilia.

In January 2016, the Screen Actors Guild awarded its 51st Lifetime Achievement Award to Debbie Reynolds. Debbie was awarded the 'Jean Hersholt Humanitarian Award' at the Academy’s 7th Annual Governors Awards in November 2016. This Oscar statuette, is given 'to an individual in the motion picture arts and sciences whose humanitarian efforts have brought credit to the industry.'



todd fisher  ceo / founder

CEO of HMPE, Todd uses his vast experience in directing, producing, editing and his architectural background towards expanding the Hollywood Experience with new facilities and creative projects.


Our Team


catherine hickland FISHER producer

After becoming a TV starlet in shows such as 'One Life To Live' and 'Knight Rider,' Catherine built a cosmetics company with customers across the world, wrote the famed '30-day Heartbreak Cure' and is now touring the country with her comedy hypnosis show.




Roy H. Wagner, ASC  Cinematographer/Director

An esteemed and longtime member of the American Society of Cinematographers, Roy has worked on shows such as CSI: for which he developed the initial look the show has become famous for around the world. As a director of photography, he also worked on House M.D., Burn Notice, Elementary, The Unusuals, The Beast and countless others.

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Dustin Ebsen  Head of Post Production

Head of his own post-production facility, Dusty works as an editor with credits on projects such as 'Behind the Planet of The Apes.' He also edited countless promos for 'The Simpsons' and other FOX shows and is currently responsible for editing a TV documentary 'Ancient Aliens' which has been successfully running on the History channel for over 3 years.


Jon Nappa  Writer, Producer

Jon Nappa is a Writer/Producer with multiple credits and awards whose clients include: Hallmark TV, PBS, TLC, INSP-TV and others. He co-created, produced and directed the hit children's television series, Pappyland, which aired on PBS and TLC for several years and was named by TV Guide as one of the ten best shows for kids. He's also a traditionally published author of adult historical fiction novels, Storm Warriors and Storm Survivors. He has provided contracted writing services for Todd Fisher and the Hollywood Motion Picture Experience for over twenty years.


Henry Cutrona  Musical Director

Henry loves filmmaking as much as the rest of us and as a lifelong friend of Todd’s, he has been a part of many productions in the film industry. His main passion, however, is music. Not only is he proficient at composing original scores, his talent lies in having that inner sense of what audio track feels right at a specific moment within a scene. Through years of practice, he’s learned how to use, compose and precisely time a melody to evoke specific emotion he wants the audience to feel.


Jon Haas  Assistant Producer/Camera Operator

Jon has been working with Todd even before he graduated from film school. They have been a team for many years now and know each other so well that practically nothing needs to be said, and yet everything gets accomplished. They share a fascination for bleeding-edge technology and, of course, love for film. John’s strength lies in knowing how to be an effective part of real-world productions as he has much on-set experience.


Buck Nolley  Head of Construction

Buck is indestructible. A formal drill sergeant in the U.S. marine corp, he's learned how to handle situations that regular civilians can hardly imagine. He has over 20 years of experience as a contractor and holds countless certificates for various construction skills. That means that he can build, repair or take apart virtually anything built by man. His unmatched discipline, strict principles and integrity are an inspiration to everyone who gets to work with him.


Barbara Strong  Office Manager

Barbara is the quiet warrior who keeps everything in order and manages the constant flow of phone calls, not to mention she’s responsible for all the paperwork necessary to keep a Hollywood production company going. She’s been with us for over 17 years and her loyalty is an inspiration to the team. She’s always there for us and knows how to handle every emergency.